All about Car Mats

Car mats are placed inside a car to protect its floor from rust, dust, dirt and wear. Car mats are also called automobile mats. The main purpose of installing car mats is to make the car look clean. When there is too much dirt in the car mat, all you have to do is take off the car mat, clean it and return it back to the car. However there are car mats that are attached to the car. You have to remove whatever is attaching them to the car, for example a screw, and that’s the time you can clean them.

Kinds of Car Mats

There are actually two common types of car mats. The first common car mat is the rubber type. This is common in most cars today because it is lightweight and is very easy to clean. On average, it is also cheaper. Car owners can easily clean the rubber car mats because they just have to remove it, wash it, dry it and return it back to its original position.

The second common kind of mat is the carpet mat. There are carpet mats that also have an anti-slip design but most are made of linen material. While these are also good kinds of car mats, when a smelly liquid is accidentally poured on the carpet mat, it will take some time before the smell will be gone. To make the smell go away, you have to dry clean of wash the carpet mat yourself.


Just like other components of the car, car mats have to follow a standard to ensure its quality. If the car mat is deemed dangerous it will not be approved by NHTSA. There was even a case where Toyota recalled their car mats because there was one complaint that the rubber mat moved forward caused the gas pedal to get stuck. This is what caused Toyota to recall their car mats few years back.